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line:2474 at /lib/Cake/Model/Model.php
Queries the datasource and returns a result set array.


(array) public find ($type = 'first', $query = array())


$type string optional Type of find operation (all / first / count / neighbors / list / threaded) 'first'
$query array optional Option fields (conditions / fields / joins / limit / offset / order / page / group / callbacks) array()




Queries the datasource and returns a result set array.

Also used to perform notation finds, where the first argument is type of find operation to perform
(all / first / count / neighbors / list / threaded),
second parameter options for finding ( indexed array, including: 'conditions', 'limit',
'recursive', 'page', 'fields', 'offset', 'order')

find('all', array(
'conditions' => array('name' => 'Thomas Anderson'),
'fields' => array('name', 'email'),
'order' => 'field3 DESC',
'recursive' => 2,
'group' => 'type'

In addition to the standard query keys above, you can provide Datasource, and behavior specific
keys. For example, when using a SQL based datasource you can use the joins key to specify additional
joins that should be part of the query.

find('all', array(
'conditions' => array('name' => 'Thomas Anderson'),
'joins' => array(
'alias' => 'Thought',
'table' => 'thoughts',
'type' => 'LEFT',
'conditions' => '`Thought`.`person_id` = `Person`.`id`'

Behaviors and find types can also define custom finder keys which are passed into find().

Specifying 'fields' for notation 'list':

- If no fields are specified, then 'id' is used for key and 'model->displayField' is used for value.
- If a single field is specified, 'id' is used for key and specified field is used for value.
- If three fields are specified, they are used (in order) for key, value and group.
- Otherwise, first and second fields are used for key and value.

Note: find(list) + database views have issues with MySQL 5.0. Try upgrading to MySQL 5.1 if you
have issues with database views.
@param string $type Type of find operation (all / first / count / neighbors / list / threaded)
@param array $query Option fields (conditions / fields / joins / limit / offset / order / page / group / callbacks)
@return array Array of records